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Aquatic Exercise for Rotator Cuff Health

aqua fitness videoShoulder pain is among the top three most common musculoskeletal complaints in the general population.  Repetitive overuse injury is one of the main results of shoulder pain, along with trauma from a fall and a variety of other conditions including arthiristis and diabetes.  Rotator cuff disorders increase with age; tearing between ages 40-60 and more serious full tears for ages 60 and over. The shoulder joint is complex since it allows for a wide range of movements.  Due to its numerous functions and flexibility, it tends to be unstable which can cause many physical issues.

The natural resistance of water provides a liquid weight machine for strengthening, with buoyancy support for comfort and range of motion.  Four phases should be followed for a safe and effective rehabilitation of the shoulder cuff.  These phases are as follows:  Phase 1:  Range of Motion, Phase 2: Strength, Phase 3: Balance, Coordination, and Endurance, Phase 4: Task-Related, Activities of Daily Living or Sports-Specific Exercise. When adhering to these phases in a chronological order, the rotator cuff will safely and effectively reduce pain while providing strength and mobility.

Senior Fitness of Florida offers aquatic exercises, following the phase of progression protocol for shoulder pain.  Contact us today to see how we can train you and your community.

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