Yoga | Tai Chi | Chi Kung/Meditation


One of six schools of Hindu philosophy, yoga is a term for physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines originating in ancient India.  Research shows yoga practitioners experience improvements in musculo–skeletal and mental health.  Our yoga classes will empower you to increase mobility by lengthening muscles vital to the upper and lower extremities.

Tai Chi

A mind-body practice in complementary and alternative medicine, Tai Chi is sometimes referred to as “moving meditation”.  Our classes involve slow, gentle and deep breathing exercises that is welcoming for any level of fitness.  Tai Chi is an excellent form of stress relief; restoring balance and energy.

Chi Kung/Meditation

Chi Kung is the relationship between someone who cultivates the chi (living energy in all things) and the discipline they use.  It is the achievements of long practice.

The collection and storage of chi during these particular movements, revitalizes the body and re-energizes the mind.  With exercises that are slower in movement, the body is more inclined to concentrate on itself, increasing cognition and awareness.  After a session of Chi Kung/Meditation, you will experience your body in a whole new light.

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